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    Capture the Moment

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    Dancing Moment

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    Hello! this is Sapphire Dolfiyaan

  • Built for creatives to showcase their portfolio beautifully

    Built for creatives to showcase their portfolio beautifully

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    All About Creativity

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Our Services

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone..
Every picture tells a story. Book your return ticket for your valuable moments...

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Marriages r made in heaven but weddings r held here.Capture those unforgettable moments,to creating ur book which u may want 2 treasure as a precious asset.



Rediscover yourself!!....with our portfolio pictures which will help you curve your niche in whichever world you dream of…….Your portfolio could simply be a collection of work !



We also work on Concerts photography to keep the special moments alive for long Concerts is a place where light is the key factor.We are ready to keep the lighting.

Product Photography

Product Photography

With our intuitive eye, we can create a new angle to any product to make it more lucrative.



Every Event have their own flaviour we are always egar to capture those.

Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Those innocent eyes…those heart winning smiles…we shall freeze those moments for a lifetime.

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Looking for creative candid wedding photography?
You`ve come to the right place!
We are Kolkata based Candid Wedding Photographer. Apart from Wedding photography, we also works in other genre of photography including Portfolio, event & Conserts photography, architectural photography, school and kids photography, travel and landscape photography.